Royal Scientific Society (RSS)

RSS is one of Jordan’s largest applied research institutions working since the 1970s. RSS provides consultancy and technical services in the fields of science and technology.

RSS various sectors and centres offer a wide range of technical expertise, testing and outreach services focusing on environment and water conservation and protection, energy services, construction and sustainable buildings, as well as information and communication technology.

RSS has a long list of customers ranging from local, regional and international, governmental entities to local and regional private companies and industrial facilities.

The Water and Environment (WE) Centre is a leading provider of a wide range of intelligent water and environmental solutions in the region with operations covering Water studies, Air studies, Environmental Management, Climate Change and Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP). It provides customized, comprehensive and advanced solutions. The WE Centre, supported by nationally and internationally accredited laboratories, provides high-class analysis and measurements.

WE Centre offers a unique scientific resource and a wide range of project expertise, supported by advanced instruments, science specialists, highly skilled researchers and senior field technicians that work closely with the government, private sector and the local community; in addition to the national and international agencies to implement successful studies.

These are related to water quality assessment, integrated water resources management, mapping of aquifer vulnerability, community resilience and behaviour change, and the assessment of ambient and working area air quality, stack and vehicular exhaust emissions, and air pollution dispersion modelling among others.

WE Centre operates a Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring System, the first of its type in the Middle East to produce data on an hourly basis. The collected data serve the decision makers, water utility managers, consultants, farmers, academics, researchers and the public at large.

Moreover, WE Centre provides comprehensive studies in the field of environmental management including Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Environmental Auditing, RECP, Environmental Risk Assessment, Life Cycle Assessment, Solid Waste Management and Noise assessment and modelling.

In the area of climate change, RSS through its WE Centre is considered a key partner for the Ministry of Environment. RSS has led Jordan’s efforts, since 2006, in the preparation of the National Communications to the UNFCCC. Recently, RSS has accomplished Jordan’s First Biennial Update Report, and has started working on building Jordan’s MRV system, which will facilitate Jordan’s reporting on climate change actions and increase access to international climate finance.

The National Energy Research Centre (NERC) has been established for the purpose of research, development and training in the fields of renewable energy to promote its utilization in Jordan and raising the efficiency of using energy in the different economic sectors.

NERC has four specialized divisions which carry out technical work; Energy Efficiency & Solar Thermal Division, Photovoltaic Division, Wind Energy Division, and Oil Shale & Bio-Energy Division.

In addition, NERC has five specialized RE/EE testing laboratories; air conditioners testing lab, clothes washers testing lab, refrigerators testing lab, solar thermal system testing lab, lighting testing lab and photovoltaic system testing lab.

NERC is strongly involved in projects within EU programs dealing with the development of new energy efficiency technologies and techniques, as well as know-how transfer. Among the broader public sector clients are the EU, WB, EBRD, UNDP, EIB, KfW and MEMR.

The MENA Region Initiative as a Model of NEXUS Approach and Renewable Energy Technologies (MINARET), Accelerating zero-emission Building Sector Ambitions in the MENA Region, Public Schools Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy and Farm Solar Water Pumping are some of the projects that are being implemented by NERC.

RSS centres provide a one-stop-shop for Energy, Environment and Water technical services and solutions.

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